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The Robert Koch Gallery is pleased to present Tom Baril's stunning new series of photographs taken in the past year of the cascades and waterfalls of the northeastern United States, the Caribbean and Central America. Exquisitely imagined and powerfully rendered, Baril's work is clearly founded upon the photographic masters of the past. But his tones and techniques demonstrate a contemporary vision, offering an elegant synthesis of artistic tradition and current aesthetics.

From his botanicals and architectural compositions to his seascapes and still-lives, Baril's large-scale black and white photographs convey a majestic stillness. He employs pinhole and large format cameras, and a variety of exposure techniques, to produce an accomplished corpus of contemporary pictorialism. Through the marriage of careful composition and skillful printing and toning processes, he captures the sublime across a spectrum of classic genres. Similar to his seascapes, wherein the grandeur of the ocean is prolonged and magnified by extended exposures, the new series of waterfalls portrays an almost sculptural quality both powerful and abstract. By forsaking the crisply defined forms and strong contrasts of traditional topographical landscapes, Baril has offered ethereal shapes and subdued tonalities that evoke the feelings that lay beyond simple description.

Baril's photographs bear witness to the artist's total command of technique, the result of over 15 years as Robert Mapplethorpe's master printer. He has enjoyed numerous solo exhibitions world-wide, and his work is included in collections from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum. Two books have been published on his photography, Botanica (Arena Editions, 1999), and the highly acclaimed 1997 self-titled monograph published by 4AD. His work has been featured on the cover of the New York Times Magazine.

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